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Renee Richards, Kevin's wife, also has bread baking experience. Our target market segments cannot afford personal chefs. Kevin has spent the last two years building the TFC program from the ground up.

These people will appreciate Breadcrafter's products. Depending on their work and home situations this demographic could use our service to enhance their selection of meals all the while minimizing their time in the kitchen.

Families can increase portion sizes for a small fee to accommodate more children or guests. It will start with the proprietor, Kevin Richards, as baker and manager with the help of two part time employees.

Market tests performed in the summer of by Toothsome Foods Company showed strong demand for the product, no price resistance and the need for a more frequent and visible presence. There is currently only one source for artisan breads in Port Hanover, Toothsome Foods Company, where the proprietor learned to bake.

Good bread never goes out of style. Many potential customers are reluctant to patronize the Grainery, perceiving its patrons and employees as "too liberal".

Hot breads will begin coming out of theoven by 7: Ingredients will be stored in a dry storage area and in a walk in cooler already on the proposed premises.

As a secondary target market, we will market to the elderly population in the aforementioned areas. Due to the extended shelf life of sourdough breads, product can be sold for two days before staling.

Everything from soft white sandwich breads to thick crusted, dense savory breads to sweet baked goods can be perfectly baked in this oven. While Breadcrafter has the potential for high growth, the first three years will be spent establishing company financial stability and increasing market share.

Breadcrafter will set up its storefront bakery in the Green Lake Shopping Center. Toothsome Foods Company has indicated interest in a contract to produce two Christmas products on a per loaf basis, Cherry Chocolate Fruitcake and Midwest Christmas Stollen.

Delivering wholesale bread and baked goods to area restaurants and specialtyretailers will also be considered. Their largest advantage, other than price, is the convenience of one stop shopping. Part time employees will work the counter and assist with store maintenance during peak hours while the baker is baking.

This risk could also be an asset, bringing bakery customers in search of better bread to Breadcrafter. Major risk is their location, right next door to Breadcrafter's prospective site.

Even without the benefit of window signage or a consistent delivery schedule, Kevin Richards and TFC have developed a loyal following of regular buyers that continues to grow.

Sourdough breads also have an extended shelf life, remaining fresh for days without the use of preservatives. Due to undercapitalization, the Grainery will have trouble responding to the quality advantage our equipment and methods provides.

Welcome to Breadcrafters

A good portion of this group is simply unable to cook nutritious meals and does not have the knowledge or skills to continue to effectively maneuver themselves in the kitchen.If you are starting a bread bakery, it is likely that you will require a business plan at some point.

The expert team at Pro Business Plans has worked with many bread bakeries to. A business plan is a written description of your business's future, a document that tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it.

If you jot down a. Welcome to Breadcrafters. Take time out of the day for you; treat yourself to our deliciously crafted gourmet sandwiches created with scrumptious homemade bread. BREADCRAFTER Green Lake Road Port Hanover, Michigan, This business plan is a tightly constructed, succinct consideration of all factors relevant to launching this bakery.

From rent charges to competition and seasonal changes to costs per loaf, this plan hasn't left anything out all without being overly verbose. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Business plan for Pretty Little Cakes Bakery. Bakers of quirky, fun cupcakes with unusual flavours, our favourite being Raspberry Fudge! Executive Summary.

Pretty Little Cakes Bakery is a start-up bakery that is located in Somerset West, Cape Town.

Breadcrafter business plan
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