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I am an ambitious, outgoing and professional science graduate and have achieved outstanding results during my three years' experience as a pharmaceutical sales representative. The ensuing cost of drug destruction, where documented, was significant, says Dr Moller, one of the authors of the review.

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As is always the case with medical cover-ups, it continues to exist due to a mix of ignorance, indifference, cowardice and corruption. In addition, large corporations from developed countries are patenting so many resources from developing countries that it makes it difficult for those nations to be able to produce medicines for themselves.


It is not as if we have to bribe clever people into inventing new things. Notes how it is virtually impossible to make a distinction between late stage Lyme disease and Multiple sclerosis, not even with MRI.

Postulates that Borrelia spirochetes may be acting as the trigger in MS, setting off an autoimmune reaction in which patients produce antibodies that attack their own nerve fibers.

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The companies seem to be increasingly willing to sacrifice the already marginal sales generated on HIV drugs in Africa in an attempt to forestall the development of a larger social movement that might ultimately lead to the TRIPS Agreement being significantly altered or even removed from the WTO.

God forbid you'd be able to prove in court that you've been misdiagnosed! Highlight your pharmaceutical background without rewriting your resume and explain how the position fits your career goals. Rennie also added, Dr.

In Honduras, there is some degree of free health care. We report that minocycline, a widely used generic drug with a good safety record, inhibited MMP activity, reduced production of MMP-9 and decreased the transmigration of T lymphocytes across a fibronectin matrix barrier.

The establishment hates to step from their pedestal and will, due to disinterest, incompetence and stake at a failed outcome botch reproducing research, to announce that the original publication wasn't worth the paper it's printed on.

We always submit a DMCA takedown notice to hosting providers when this article get plagiarized. Also commenting on Dr. Working for a large chain of community pharmacies, she worked closely with general practitioners, local nursing homes, a cancer hospice and a private hospital to provide pharmaceutical services to the local patient population.

In spite of the ongoing onslaught against such investigations, there still are researchers naive or brave enough to venture into the career-destroying terrain of rediscovering the cause for diseases that have become major money makers for their exploiters.

Monopolies distort the economy. The ID specialist is urged to "suspect MS" by his hospital, which is contractually bound to "suspect MS" by their insurance company. Rent-seeking pharmaceutical multinationals We're being increasingly curtailed, medically.

Tax incentives Cost saving it is cheaper to donate a drug than destroy it Surpluses in the market, and A genuine desire to help She also notes that the industry has improved over the past 2 decades, suggesting it may partly be because there is more scrutiny over what drug companies do, these days.

For gifts to the needy, US tax regulations allow a write-off for tax purposes of up to twice the production costs. Just a handful of manufacturers will have a lot of control. His lectures are used to "educate" the country's radiologists, who are sternly warned to tow the party line when it comes to the cause of brain lesions: Threatening legal action is useless - MD's spend a lot of time in University learning all the dirty tricks on how to cover their ass.

US and Canada only. The USA does this in a number of ways. Explains how Borrelia could cause all MS symptoms. Found a significant percentage of people diagnosed with MS in fact having neuro-Lyme. Also listen to the below audio.

The MS advocacy groups and societies will politely ask you to keep your rather unpopular opinion to yourself. And that's when you're lucky. For example, infant industry protection does produce inefficiency by artificially creating monopoly power for domestic firms, as free-trade economists are only too pleased to point out.

Keep the letter short, no more than three paragraphs with an opening and closing.

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In the heydays of medical and general scientific research, anyone with enough money, time and skill could test a postulation in their own lab. However, medical research shows that while on antibiotics, no human-to-human transmission is likely. Ben Goldacre, in his book, Bad ScienceHarper Perennial,also adds that the number of drugs has risen, making up to half of all new drugs.

Targeting leukocyte MMPs and transmigration: On her return to the UK, Vicki spent the next four years in community pharmacy.Pharmaceutical or Medical Sales Cover Letter. A cover letter is another tool to sell yourself to an employer. Don’t miss the opportunity!

The cover letter allows you to further interest the employer by discussing any related background and experiences you may have relative to their open position.

Sales and Marketing resume examples reflect job seekers in various industries, operating in a sales and marketing capacity. Common job titles in this section include sales representatives, account manager, account specialist, marketing manager, marketing analyst and advertising analyst.

Pharmaceutical companies have contributed to people’s improved health and prolonged life, generally speaking. Research and development of drugs that are brought to market can be costly and there are strict regulations and requirements that companies must follow in most countries.

Cover letter sample of a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative with several years of experience. Review an example of a cover letter for a pharmaceutical sales job, advice on what to include, and tips for writing and formatting your cover letter.

"The story of oil is the story of the modern world. And this is the story of those who helped shape that world, and how the oil-igarchy they created is on the verge of monopolizing life itself.".

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Pharma sales cover letter
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