Scholastic art and writing awards teacher registration

Although his work did not qualify for national judging, he was recognized with the Silver Key award. Dec 14, It will be extremely helpful to find a sponsor teacher once you make the decision to enter the contest.

Congratulations 2018 honorees!

Students can upload works independently but may need help. Home schooled students will have an option to check box indicating that they do not attend a day school. Category Description Art portfolios must include 8 different artworks from any combination of the individual Art categories listed on this page except for Video Games.

Sep 12, Last day for standard registration: The students being recognized today join a legacy of teens facilitating important dialogue through their art and writing. Mailing your entry Each young author needs the following in his or her entry envelope: Mailing your entry Each young author needs the following in his or her entry envelope: Mail forms, fees, and payment by December 15, Submission fees All checks or money orders payable to: Registration is now closed, but interested students can email mmanni gse.

They have a rich tradition of using Duck Tape for fashion, try and get your students to think of unique innovative ways to use the product, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Jewerly and beyond. This year you only need to send the fee form located at: Revise, edit, and proofread your work.

Maine Region Scholastic Art Awards

If I hadn't known what I was going to do, I would have been a little daunted. A printed submission form for each entry. We would recommend putting the form on the back of the artwork.

A promotional ad appeared on my page and I was curious. I still wish I had an extra week to work out kinks I may have been blind to at that moment.

Those are the ONLY two backings that are rigid. The Alliance is grateful for its generous sponsors, who provide funds to support and produce all our programs, including the Awards: Interested students can sign up to attend here or can email eplummer gse.

The national Gold Portfolio, Gold Medal, and Silver Medal with Distinction recipients will be honored at Carnegie Hall, with appearances by notable celebrities and creative leaders.

Students can upload works independently but may need help. I created the work on my own at home, without the guidance of an educator. This can include but is not limited to: A portfolio may also consist entirely of works from the same category.

How to Enter the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Senior Portfolio submission fees: I found out about the contest through Facebook.Scholastic Art & Writing, at the Regional levels, this year received more thansubmissions of original art and writing from students across the country.

Each art work is adjudicated based on three criteria: originality, technical skill (craftsmanship of manipulation) and the observable development/emergence of a personal vision or voice.

Fairfax County Public Schools students were recognized with 35 national medals in visual arts in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards program. National medalists will be celebrated at an awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York City in June.

The Crocker Art Museum is now displaying art and writing from the Scholastic Awards. Opening reception for the exhibition is November 11, pm at the Crocker Art Museum. Join us!Account Status: Verified.

Community Outreach & Engagement

Young writers, learn about The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. The Art Academy of Cincinnati (AAC) partners with the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers to administer the Regional Scholastic Art Awards for Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana.

Teacher Registration - All teachers will need to register on the Scholastic Art Awards website,, even if you have registered in previous years.

When you register as a teacher you have access to a bounty of information.

Scholastic art and writing awards teacher registration
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